REVIEWS OF Acting and Living in Discovery

"Carol's technique is the foundation on which I build my work. She offers a solid, practical way to find truth, creativity and spontaneity in a performance. I highly recommend all actors to learn from this wonderful teacher and woman."
-James Saito, Actor 


"Carol Rosenfeld is a Master teacher of the theatre. I attribute the foundation of my work in the theatre, most profoundly my work as a director, to the great fortune I had, as a young artist, to study with Carol at HB Studio in New York. I can truly say that I would not be the theatre practitioner I am today if I had not had the opportunity to study with this great artist and teacher."
-Robert McQueen, Director 

A Note From Carol

A guide to using Acting and Living in Discovery

In Arthur Bartow's Training of The American Actor, which was published by TCG in 2006, Uta Hagen entrusted me with the responsibility of writing the update on her teaching. For that chapter, I chose to focus on the technique exercises found in A Challenge for the Actor. Perceived by many as beginning exercises for the actor, they are anything but.

Now, to further delve into Hagen’s rigorous approach to working on a role, and informed by over fifty years experience as an acting teacher, I have written Acting and Living in Discovery: A Workbook for the Actor.

The workbook holds the fundamentals we return to again and again when we are in the creative process of entering the world of a play or sustaining a performance. Teachers of acting will find the workbook useful in the courses they teach. The workbook can be used by the acting student from the first reading of the play to the final rework of a scene in an acting class or by an actor preparing a role for performance.

Actors proceed through the exercises at their own pace in their own fashion. Like most acting texts that are substantive, the actor and teacher can return to the workbook again and again. Hagen’s approach inspired us. It is my deepest wish that Acting and Living in Discovery inspires you as well.