Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the workshops?

The workshops can last anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks and the days are usually 4-8 hours. It’s up to you!  

Who are they for?

Professional actors and students in training programs.

How should You prepare?

  1. Have all workshop participants, paired up and assigned a scene at least two weeks before the workshop

  2. Read and research the play

  3. Have a minimum of eight rehearsals before the first class

  4. Provide clothing and objects appropriate for the material

  5. Familiarize yourself with the language of my workbook

What’s covered in the workshops?

Technique and Skill: We’ll go over process vs. result, preparation, rehearsing without a director, finding authentic life in the scene, concentration and relaxation, and much more.

Empowering the actor: We’ll focus on what the instrument can and can’t do, identify your personal risks. We’ll defuse occupational defenses, talk about why you act. We will work on becoming more aware, more in the moment.

Professional Life: We’ll talk about attitude towards the pursuit of work and how to stay positive, open and enthusiastic. We’ll discuss your professional appearance and presentation, talk about the important of professional relationships and accepting the things out of your control.  

The Bigger Picture: We’ll reflect on the purpose of theatre, the actor’s place in the world and how to see theatre as a chance to make a contribution.