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Carol rosenfeld


I was once asked, “What makes you happy?” I had no real answer. Two years ago, I realized I had lost my identity as an actress. Teaching for so many years and only acting sporadically, I wondered if I could still act. I decided to take an acting class. Getting back on the floor was terrifying and risky. However, I found that my total engagement in the process made me happier than I had been in a very long time. I also realized that had I not become one with my students, I would really have had to stop teaching! The acting class is the place where we, as students, honor humanity - patience, practice and persistence get us through the stories we tell.

Aren’t we lucky? 


Carol's Book

Acting and Living in Discovery, A Workbook for the Actor lays out fundamentals of the actor's process. It provides practical guidance for developing, honing, or revitalizing the actor's craft for the actor. 

Teacher Training


Carol teaches at the renowned HB Studio and will be the program director of the Hagen Teacher Labs 1 and 2 in August. To learn more about all of Carol's labs and to register see below. 

Past Workshops


Carol has been teaching workshops all over the world from Australia and Uruguay to Denmark and Tbilisi, Georgia. To see all of Carol’s past workshops see below.